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Dorothy J Morrison- actress, singer and model began her career many years ago. As with any career it started out as a dream, then a long term goal. Her successes are numerous. She juggled a full time job with the Department of Children and Family Services for over thirty years while pursuing acting work. performer
In addition to live theater she has appeared in numerous television commercials, print, and radio in each capacity as a singer, actress, or performer
She currently performs with her sister Betty as The Morrison Sisters. Dorothy is also a writer. She has written four shows including the one that she is currently performing where she is a singer .  

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My Memoir

Dorothy Jean – The Beginning

Rough Childhood

Dorothy Jean – Rough Childhood

Save the date fall in love all over again

The Morrison Sisters Presents
“Love and Happiness”

The Morrison Sisters cordially invite you to their Valentine’s Day show,  at the Historic Hampton House 9 pm- tickets $25 eventbrite.com -we would love to see you there. 

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Actress • Singer • Model


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